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I haven't been home for almost five months, I really miss my little brother. look at his cute face, …

The Ordinary World

I want to recommend a novel to my friends here: Ordinary World(平凡的世界).It described the great social …

mud-color paintings

I'm learning to draw the mud-color paintings recently, this stuff is to train one's patience, but it…

Hey People

Hey all,would like to make friends with some people around here, i live in China, it would be nice t…


我们都曾是仙人掌。 被爱的时候,不太掩饰伤人的锋芒,因为有恃无恐,觉得无论怎样肆意伤害,那个拥抱你的人,永远不会离开。 直到有一天...... 而可怕的是,彼此挣开的刹那,连着刺带着皮肉,血淋…


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