Long distance calls to China from USA


Please read if you need to make long distance phone calls to China

Bottom line: Long distance phone calls to China are cheaper than phone calls within USA

In case you do not know, please make phone calls using phone cards. Rate to china is now as low as less than 2 cents a minute. You can buy phone cards to China from many online vendors. Rates from other countries to China differ but are usually a lot more expensive. In that cases, maybe Skype or IP phones are better choices.

We sell a pinless phone card called BestCallChina to call china. The rate is only 1.57 cents per minute. The good thing about pinless phone cards is that you do not have to enter the pin number every time you make a call. System can remember your phone number and hence prompt you to enter a destination number right after you dial an access number. If you are intererted in this phone card, please go take a look:

BestCallChina Pinless Phone Card