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不久以前,一个女孩某天夜里,   心情特别低落,在机场特别想念某个人的安慰,   然后半夜时分,打电话给那个人,说很想听他说话,   电话那头的他从睡梦中醒来,不耐烦的敷衍她,并说严重打扰他的睡眠   从此以后,她再没有伤心无助时给他打过电话.      我发现女人身上有一种猫性.   小猫在撒娇或者做错事的时候,需要别人的安慰和教导,   如果这时主人打击了它,它会狠狠记住,不会再犯.   女人,有着猫一样的自尊.特别是陷入爱情里的女人...   在别人看来无关紧要,其实需要呵护,   因为爱,已经让她的心变得柔软.   她的这一点自尊,其实是要你对她在乎. 男人总会说女人无理取闹   说女人没事找事   说女人不讲道理   说女人不可理喻 为什么不去想想   她在对待别人的时候   为什么不是这样的态度 没错,   如果有一天,   她不再对你撒娇,   她不再对你任性,  …



Who can help me to wear high heels?

Today is Valentine's Day, I am very lonely, I bought a sexy mesh network Jumpsuit, had wanted to wear in the Valentine's Day to love to see, unfortunately, up to now, I have not found love, really sad?Makes me even more sad is that I also bought a new pair of high heels, but how not buckle on, who can help me? If you really help me if you can go to my album to see my naughty shoes and lonely mesh…

A person the Tanabata how to spend it?

Today is the Chinese Valentine's Day, Valentines Day, how you want too? Skip, skip, and just ... Everyone the Tanabata how too, it said, maybe your dreams can be achieved tonight. This is likely to ah? Single since I was really lonely, why is my husband has not yet appeared it? If you are single men, please let us know in such a romantic Valentine's Day today, right? I have always believed that a …

Good communication platform

Hi. Glad to know you on this platform. It is a good platform to communicate . If you like to contact with me, you can send e-mail to me , my e-mail is ( ) . I will reply to you soon. Best regards. Betty from China

The sisters must be careful!

Sisters please note! The sisters must be careful! There are a lot of people come to fish! The photo is from a webpage or advertising copy! They will give you write a letter, a few poems! And then begin to your pictures and phone number! Some even say that their life difficult or very rich but the account is frozen, need help!Please distinguish carefully! Don't leave the telephone number to others!…


love to have friends alot ........i was had gf but now i am not ... i am single ......honest girl who i looking of.....i don't need girl to play with her....i need girl to love and marriage ....i dont care how old is she ..or her religion or from where ..i just need good honest one ...still searching

thats me

i am egyption like u see ,,,, i work in air conditioning company .... history what i like to read .... i know i still young but really i feel i need girl to be my wife . to be with me all my life

One-night stand in the end is good or bad?

A social occasion, the men always like to come up with their recent one-night stand "experiences to show off, perhaps" one-night stand "is a symbol of a romantic and stylish. But "one-night stand" in the end is good or bad, it is worth people's food for thought. In fact, a lot of things difficult to use the good or bad to evaluate their own experiences are good or bad to t…


I would like to meet a normal pretty Chinese or Japanese woman , 18 - 40,no kids , if you are interested write to(