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幽巷雾茫茫,劭玉芬芳。微风常送百花香,梦里看花心绪好,休念春光。 何事入香廊,月落西塘。满心欢喜待情郎,雾散香消人未至,独自彷徨。

hi guys

new rachel.a loving,caring,attentive,thoughtful,fun,outgoing,relaxed,enjoy goin out, love swimming,chillaxing over a few drinks with great company, and some mad times clubbing, staying in cuddled up watching a dvd,.and cruzin bout, jus with the rite company tht im lookin 4;


你象一阵春风,轻轻地来到我身边.你象一道亮丽的风景,我伫立凝视欣赏! 你告诉我,"爱"可以跨越年龄和语言,"爱"没有国界,没有肤色... 你告诉我,你怕失去我,你要辞去当前工作,(因为太危险)你要保护你的家人... 你还告诉我,你要到中国来,一定要来看我... ... 我的心充满感动,为你真挚热烈的"爱"! Erickson,I love you.如果你跌倒,我依然爱你,因为我相信,你会站起来.如果你陷入困境,我依然爱你,因为我相信,你是坚强的,你会努力. 爱情是人类最美好的感情.请不要籍着美丽而又神圣的"爱情",行被人唾弃的不正之事,伤害纯洁而善良的心灵... ... 我相信,爱能唤醒人的良知! 我相信,爱能让世界变得更美好!…


您好! 您的信言简意赅,已留在了我的记忆里;您的信,字里行间处处洋溢着真诚善良,有一丝感动在我的心里荡漾... 您的信,我不知道读了多少遍,我已记不清,写给您的信,写了又删,删了又写,写了多少封... ... 您的信,每一次重读,总有一丝隐隐的痛,在我的心底... .... 我长上了一对翅膀 飞到了月宫,向月老诉衷肠... 老师,您知道吗,您的造访,您的信, ...犹如小草重获阳光, 我有点紧张 有点不知所措,以至犯了愚蠢的错,您已离我远去... 我爱藕,出淤泥而不染;我爱梅,冰清玉洁,不畏严寒,绽放美丽的花朵,散发出淡淡的幽香;我爱玉的温软... 老师,我敬慕您渊博的知识;仰慕您的才华...…



Who is my husband's it?

"I want you to know that in this world there is always a person is waiting for you, no matter at what time, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person" in the lonely years of waiting, the phrase Eileen Chang I do not know to give the classic saying "left men left women" how many warm comfort! He (she) had the crowd in the city blossoming hard to fi…

stop with the fake profiles

i think this is extremely disrespectful to those who put this site together, for others to use it then ask you to join another web site. Those who worked hard at putting this site together desirve a lot more respect from you girls. how would you like it if someone was taking your clients away from you, men do not fall for these fakes and scammers if you get a email from any of these girls asking y…

Are you a true man? 你是一个真实的男人吗?

Please don‘t bother me ,if you play online virtual game! Please don‘t bother me,if you are looking for nanny! Please don‘t bother me,if you find a rich woman! Please don‘t bother me, if you find a chatter! Please you are away from my space,if you give me false picture, empty sweet words! 请不要打扰我!如果你在玩网络游戏。 请不要打扰我!如果你在寻找保姆。 请不要打扰我!如果你在寻找富婆。 请不要打扰我!如果你在寻找聊友。 请你远离我的空间!如果你给我假的照片,空的蜜语。…

let me be your hero

 Would you dance   if I asked you to dance?   Would you run   and never look back?   Would you cry   if you saw me crying?   And would you save my soul,tonight   Would you tremble   if I touched your lips?   Would you laugh   Oh please tell me this?   Now would you die   for the one you loved?   Hold me in your arms,tonight   I can be your hero, baby   I can kiss away the pain   I …