Dating Chinese Girls




You should be my heart's light!

You should be my heart's light,to light our way.

I am looking for a future husband!

I am looking for a future husband! He received a good education, to accept or understand the Chinese culture and thought. Remain the loyal and the only for love and marriage .He lives in a place of peace,can not say false words.There are good life habits and good character. I hope you have a common purpose with me.


I'm looking for a woman to be friends and not matter age.

Self-introduction 自我介绍

Hi! I am a Chinese young man. I’m single. I’m 33 years old and 174cm tall. I live in Wuhan city which lies in central China. I’m good at English. I work as an English-Chinese translator and English teacher in a state-owned unit in Wuhan. I’m expecting to make friends with people all over the world and find my romance throuth this website. So if you can speak or do speak English, please write to me…

I always beside you, never go far!

Only because the crowd looked at you! Never can forget your face! earnest wish to one day meet again! Since I started alone miss! I miss you, you are very far away!! I miss you, you are in front of me! I miss you, you are in my mind! I miss you, you are in my heart! Prefer to believe about we past lives have a date! In this life our love story will not change again! Prefer to use this life, waitin…


真诚感谢每一位访问过我的朋友,谢谢! 我有一个小小的花园。里面有许多美丽的花草和红豆,还有一棵神仙草。 我身穿白色的纱裙,恭候朋友们来坐坐。这里有我珍藏的明前碧螺春、 用花山深井里的泉水砌泡的茗茶供朋友们分享。在这里有忧愁大家共同分担, 有快乐大家共同分享。 这些美丽的花草和红豆愿朋友们多采撷:拥有快乐、拥有幸福!…

Good communication platform

Good communicaiton platform,let's know each other furhter.I am sally from China,if you want to know more me and China,welcome to send e-mail to me,my e-mail


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