Dating Chinese Girls

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Posted on 11/01/2010
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  • Posted 6 years ago
hello my dear how are you doing over there ?
you look so nice in your picture i just gone through your profile now,i will love to know more about you, can you give me your email address let chat and know more about each other? thank.


  • Posted 6 years ago
Wow , what new scams? Don't they fear God?


  • Posted 7 years ago
hello dear are you still single?am more interested in serious id


  • Posted 7 years ago
this is a gang banger a pro scammer a fraud a devil,,,she and her gang messed up my planning she came and said she inheritaded some million funds like to give all to me i oppen a place for poor kids then her lawer came in and she got sick went to hospital and died in there and also her lawer send me picture of her funeral now she is in here ..i do not let them fuck other people ,,,,!!


  • Posted 7 years ago
She was here a month ago with a different scam


  • Posted 7 years ago
Hi hope u r fine look so sweety i like u. can we friends? my email add...........