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Please note that we will delete these profiles without warning:

1. If you use non-related photo as your profile picture, such as flower, sky, tree etc. (we will decide if your picture is suitable or not).
2. If you send dating-unrelated messages.



  • Posted 7 years ago
You mother fuckers how i can delete my Profile..I wanna delete my Account losers..Let me know Ass holes


  • Posted 7 years ago … p;id=46772 - Another scammer, using flowers and what ever to hide his face. Please have him deleted and blocked.


  • Posted 7 years ago … p;id=46665 - Hello Admin here is a scammer profile please block and delete this scammer.


  • Posted 7 years ago
Hi Admin please delete this profile it fits the criteria you are mentioning, this case hiding behind a flower vase. … p;id=46338

Goes by the name favourdavid4u

Tania Sakomizu

  • Posted 7 years ago
there are so many people di that.
and you have not taken action.


  • Posted 7 years ago
what is the standred of this site while many members of this site have not know english and invite members from this site to other sites. r u provide facility of translation.


  • Posted 8 years ago